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Are we there yet???

If you've ever been on a family vacation by car, I'm sure you've either heard, or maybe you've been the one to utter those famous words... "Are we there yet?"

That's how I feel about 2021. More than halfway through this "New Year" and things are somewhat getting back to "normal." Restaurants, movies, sports events, barbeques, the dog park, the beach, the airplane, grandma's house... We're getting back to these places. We look around once we get there, as if to assess the lay of the land.

Some of us are wearing masks, some are not. We check to see if anyone is hugging. Are they shaking hands or bumping elbows? Maybe they just wave. Should we stay 6 feet apart? Is there a line? Where is the hand sanitizer? Did someone sneeze?

Now there are the threats of the variants, and the Delta strain, and the "we may have to lockdown" statements... Oh no, not again!

We've come so far in the last year, but won't it be wonderful when we no longer feel like we have to look over the proverbial shoulder? A time when Covid-19 becomes one for the books... That crazy year when "you know what" happened.

When 2020 becomes a "that time we ran out of toilet paper" survival story...

When all those who have suffered the greatest losses begin to heal...

When they start to make sense out of something that makes no sense at all...

When life really does go on...

We know that we are on our way to that wonderful destination. But part of me just wants to roll down the windows and scream into the wind, "Are we there yet???"

Thanks to all my clients, old and new, who have continued to support my small business. Thanks for putting your face in my hands! It's been wonderful to see your smiles. Keep glowing! You're beautiful :)

With all good wishes,

Lyna Bedka, LE

Bloom Beauty & Wellness, LLC

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