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The Beauty of Self-Care 10/4/2021

I am so pleased to bring you the latest updates from Bloom Skin Care Studio. The seasons are changing & with those changes we are reminded to play close attention to the changes in our skin.

With the advent of cooler air, more time indoors, & the revving up of drying heating units, our skin is bound to get drier, as well. We forget to drink as much water, & we may forget to adequate natural Vitamin D. It’s important to reassess our home care routines & we may have to change or add cleansers and moisturizers to compensate for these environmental changes. It’s a good time to consider targeted serums like Vitamin C and Collagen.

It’s equally important to continue with professional facials & body treatments to maximize your skin’s preservation & rejuvenation.

In addition to existing treatments like LED Light Therapy*, I’ve upgraded a few, including the JeNu™ Microcurrent Facial Toning & Lifting System. This FDA cleared treatment is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.*

Another treatment called Infrared Dot Matrix* is a safe, non-invasive, cosmetic procedure which utilizes monopolar radiofrequency energy to tighten, tone & improve contour.

Clients will usually undergo 8-10 treatment sessions with Matrix RF, but some clients may see differences/improvements after 1-2 sessions. Results can be seen for up to 3 months. Finally, the PRAI Ionic Device* uses groundbreaking iontophoresis technology to deliver anti-aging & corrective benefits - dramatically firming, lifting & smoothing your décolletage.

Body Treatments will include DRY BRUSH AROMATHERAPY - for maximum detoxification and lymph drainage followed by warming hydration and light massage. Or indulge in a BELLY FACIAL or SEAWEED BODY WRAP to tighten and firm problem areas. Both treatments are relaxing and effective.

Please see the attached New Product & Service Menu for all the skin care options. As always, your privacy & comfort are my top priority.

Warmest regards, Lyna Bedka, LE


Beauty & Wellness, LLC

Feel free to call or text 845-288-3216 for more information. Include best times to reach you. Texts will be answered as I become available .

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